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The Finish Line 2000-2012

To Everyone that has ever visited this site, raced this league or busted there ass as an league admin, webmaster and forum moderator or any other aspect of keeping NSW alive i thank you very much from the bottom of my gas pedal.

For the moment i'm shutting the NSW forums as i learned today that a couple pages got hit with not so nice injected code after not being here to the site in over 6 months. Also due to the fact that i have not had time to run the league in a couple years and those that tried to keep it going gave their best shot but the racers were not there anymore so some moved on.

I thought it was time to step and ponder the future of NSW, the site will never go awayand i'll probably restore the forums this week since i have backups from right before someone pwned a couple pages which is good. So in that i wish everyone that has ever typed in www.nascarsimworld.com and became part of the family or just hungout a heart full Thanks.

Much Love........
James Nascimento
Jnasc[NSW] aka Baldy


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